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Jetbook is a work of excellence

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Jetbook is a work of excellence - Business aviation publisher
Dana Ermolenko
Aircraft: Airplanes

It is called -The Ultimate Guide to Business Aircraft and Helicopters. A book is a book, and a guide is a guide. Jetbook is a salon table reference album of things that one wants to, or needs to know when buying a private or business jet. Or when writing about the topic, or when just being curious about it. Jetbook reflects what business aviation stands for in two key words: high quality and value. Add the artistry, the stunning layout, and the tender loving care of author Antonia Lukacinova and her team, and this creation becomes an absolute must-have. It is of no surprise that aviation companies purchase Jetbook and give it on various occasions to their valued clients as a present.

All one needs to know when purchasing an aircraft is how the book starts. How to choose, how to select, how to own, the interior design, plus all other essentials. This deluxe hardcover is composed with expert knowledge and is supported by interviews with for instance the authority on aircraft registration Jorge Colindres, and other specialist professionals. Jetbook will bring the reader to the point that a fair initial judgement can be made what the right choice of aircraft should be. And then follow the goodies, about 150 pages of gorgeous pictures of jets with generous descriptions and detailed information. 

To facilitate making comparisons of the jet types of the major players in the industry, there are standard banners showing the maximum range, speed, and altitude as well as seating capacity, take-off weight and price. Although one definitely must see and inspect the jet on display, it proves to be a good thing to have the Jetbook at hand. It may somewhat simplify the choice because of the information transparency that the guide offers. Some will use Jetbook to find their classy penthouse or master-suite in the sky and make an initial emotional decision like ‘love at first sight’. Others will insist on finding top performance, range, versatility, efficiency, and for them technology will go before beauty. And then there are those who just want it all as one inclusive package where technology meets splendor.  

What is mentioned about the presentation of the jets, also applies to the following 55-page section of helicopters in Jetbook. Whether it is about the fun to fly, flying like a star on a mission, having a rotorblade workhorse available, or flying from a land-based location to the helipad of a super yacht, all helicopters for the various purposes are listed and comprehensively described.   

Last but not least, for those who aspire to sail into a new world of tranquility, there is a section on superyachts. Having a jet to get to a destination is great. Knowing that a yacht is waiting there to do some cruising in aquamarine waters, is an even greater experience. It is a delight to take a peek in this section to get an impression or start a dream. 

Summa summarum, having a copy of this ultimate source of information called Jetbook is highly recommended.



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