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Very special flying experience – SkyAlps private jet division

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Very special flying experience – SkyAlps private jet division - Business aviation publisher
Tatjana Obrazcova
Country: Italy Aircraft: Airplanes

When we got to know Italian SkyAlps better, we discovered a division that offers private jet flights. So, to learn more about the combination of the two activities - commercial and private aviation, we continued our discussion with CEO of SkyAlps Alex Spinato.

Q. How comes you are combining two activities commercial and private jet flights?

A.S. In fact, business aviation is our historic business, if you like. It's a thirty-year history. It all began with the passion for aviation of the 3 brothers who own our mother company. Each of them is a pilot. Given the nature of the business and the need to move around a lot internationally, it became obvious that the acquisition and use of private aircraft would enable them to be much more efficient and develop the business faster. So, in the decades that followed, our business aviation division continued to offer the same services to our customers.

Q. Business aviation has become a very easy target, there's a lot of negative communication. What's your point of view?

A.S. I think we need to look at this issue from another angle. Let's talk about the number of jobs each private plane creates. Well-paid jobs. Just think how many jobs in absolutely different industries are being created everywhere, thanks to the movement of top management and owners of large groups with business jets. This is what matters. I saw average numbers like 25 jobs per jet.

We must remind, that pilots and cabin crew is just one part of jobs if we talk about business jets. Look and count for yourself – all these people are highly qualified and well-paid professionals:

  • People building jets and part suppliers
  • MRO workers
  • Aviation fuel suppliers
  • Ground handling (FBO) workers at every destination 
  • Airport workers
  • Air traffic controllers
  • Flight training centers instructors
  • Car rental and hospitality workers at every destination
  • Flying doctors, other medics, like transplant surgeons’ teams.

Q. This year has seen an upsurge in action by environmental groups against business aviation. What do you think, and what can we do as an industry?

A.S. It's unfortunate to suffer attacks like this again and again. My first question is about airport security. It's obvious that we need to work on reinforcing it. We pay for security services at every airport. So, security services must meet our expectations.

It's clear that the entire business aviation industry is putting a lot of effort and investment into decarbonizing as quickly as possible and proposing more climate-friendly technologies and practices.

Q. You were the first airline in the world to sign a LoI with Tamarack Aerospace Group for the installation of SMARTWING technology. Are you thinking of installing SMARTWING Active Winglet on your jets?

A.S. Absolutely. We are in the process of finalizing the acquisition of an aircraft that will join our private fleet. I think we'll proceed with the installation of this technology towards the end of this year. Once again, this will enable us to reduce fuel burn for 15-20% and of course noise reduction. So as you see, we are not only talking, we’re taking sustainable actions. 

Q. One obvious last question, what you would say will be general trend for business aviation market in the future?

A.S. I'll give you my very short prediction - the business aviation market will grow over the next 20 years. The figures don't need to be spectacular; I'm talking about the general trend. A stable increase over a long period.

So, treat yourself and your loved ones to an extraordinary flying experience and enjoy the all-round service in a class of its own. For business meetings or a perfect holiday from the first to the last minute. 

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