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Dayton: the place where aviation was first pushed to its limits

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Dayton: the place where aviation was first pushed to its limits - Events / Festivals publisher
Krista Kuznecova
Country: United States Aircraft: Airplanes

Dayton, Ohio has truly marked the history of aviation when two brothers attempted to do the impossible - and succeeded. It is the city where the Wright Brothers lived, developed their ideas and built their first airplanes.


Solar Impulse has spent the past month crossing the United States, the country of pioneers and now they will be landing in Dayton, a symbolic destination.

The Wright Brothers inspired Solar Impulse from the beginning of our adventure. Our pilots knew how to fly - André had flown planes since he was a teenager and Bertrand had flown hang gliders and hot air balloons - but they definitely didn’t know how to fly a solar-powered airplane - and just like the Wright Brothers, there was no one there to teach them!

Even today, the legacy of their thinking continues to inspire people across the world. The Wright Brothers were familiar with the notion of failure, in fact, this was their biggest strength. They knew that failure would take them closer to reaching their crazy goal - making an airplane fly. This method of thinking and persevering has been incorporated in modern-day companies, classrooms, and government agencies. And while there are always people who try to disprove the feasibility of what you are trying to do, people who have learnt from the Wright Brothers have learnt to push forward.

Indeed, it is nearly impossible to predict the future of technology and what we are capable of. We should, however always continue to push beyond our own limits and those of society.

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