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TsAGI will showcase projects for future aviation at MAKS-2015 airshow

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TsAGI will showcase projects for future aviation at MAKS-2015 airshow - Events / Festivals publisher
Tatjana Obrazcova
Source: Ruaviation

Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI) named after N.E. Zhukovsky is going to present its latest solutions at the 12th MAKS international airshow. These solutions will be used as a basis for innovative projects in the area of air transport. The static display will include aerodynamic models of aircraft developed by the TsAGI specialists in the network of federal target programs, TsAGI’s press-service reports.

«Each exhibit presented at MAKS-2015 by our institute will represent a number of competitive advantages in the area of speed, eco-efficiency and other characteristics. It must be noted that we will also demonstrate results of our international projects. I am talking about a model of an aircraft developed in the network of HEXAFLY-INT project,» TsAGI CEO Sergey Chernishev said.

Visitors will see versatile display. TsAGI will showcase solutions in the area of passenger and cargo transportation; the latter segment will be represented by a twin-fuselage aircraft and a UAV.

“The institute is going to demonstrate a number of projects for development of high-speed aircraft at the airshow. In this segment TsAGI will demonstrate a model of supersonic business jet for the first time ever. It will have a maximum cruise speed of 1900 km/h and will meet the latest requirements in the area of eco-efficiency. Another innovative solution in the area of passenger aircraft - a model of a high-speed civil airliner. It was created by the specialists of the institute in the network of HEXAFLY-INT international project. The developed aircraft will feature an unconventional design. It should use a hydrogen fuel. Its estimated speed is impressive: 7000–8000 km/h. An interesting solution in terms of aircraft configuration will also be presented – executive drop-shaped aircraft developed by TsAGI’s specialists. Thanks to its unconventional form the liner will offer the highest level of comfort to its passengers. It is planned that its speed will be higher than the speed of existing analogues: 850–900 km/h,” said in the statement.

The institute is also going to demonstrate one of its latest projects focused on noise reduction at MAKS-2015: a model of short-haul aircraft with a laminar flow wing and engines located above the wing. TsAGI’s scientists suggest using slightly swept wing, which allows significantly decreasing wing drag. Placing the engines above trailing edge of the wing provides a number of advantages, in particular, low noise level.

“Besides solutions related to the civil aviation segment, TsAGI is going to present projects in the area of cargo transportation. One of them is the model of vertical takeoff and landing UAV fitted with lifting fans. This aircraft may be operated from very limited areas, which are not suitable for unmanned aircraft and helicopters. The UAV will be able to carry a payload of 400kg; its range will be 300 km, however, it will have smaller dimensions compared to UAVs having a conventional configuration. Among other advantages — high level of safety and low noise level. A project for development of twin-fuselage transport aircraft is aimed at solving problems related to transporting large cargo. Compared to two single-fuselage aircraft carrying the same payload of 40 tons its takeoff weight is 9% lower and it is 10-12% cheaper. The model of this twin-fuselage aircraft will be demonstrated at the institute’s stand,” TsAGI noted.

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