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Air Company fuels first ever test flight with jet fuel made from CO2

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Air Company fuels first ever test flight with jet fuel made from CO2 - Manufacturer publisher
Dana Ermolenko
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Air Company announced the launch of its Sustainable Aviation Fuel made from captured CO2. The importance of this novel climate technology, distributed under the name AIRMADE SAF, is underscored by commitments from global aviation partners to purchase over one billion gallons of AIRMADE SAF; including JetBlue, Virgin Atlantic and Boom Supersonic, among others. The United States Air Force has already kicked off their AIRMADE SAF partnership with the completion of a first-of-its-kind unmanned flight using Air Company's 100% unblended CO2-derived jet fuel.

These commitments demonstrate not only the excitement and demand behind the company's technological advancement, but also the strength of Air Company's operation and future potential. This technology will be applied globally with significant future implications, especially as it pertains to the levels of fuel production and consumption that we see from the energy industry today. Air Company creates renewable fuels from CO2, directly addressing our fossil fuel dependency, the leading cause of climate change.

Aviation as a whole represents 2-3% of global CO2 emissions and is widely considered one of the most "hard to decarbonize" industries. With this announcement, Air Company and its partners aim to mitigate that impact in a meaningful way, enabling a circular process that has the potential to address over one billion metric tons of CO2 emissions annually. Using the same proprietary technology that mimics photosynthesis to create its consumer ethanol, Air Company has developed and deployed its single-step process for CO2 -derived fuel production using renewable electricity. Further technical details on the process can be found in a white paper published by the company in the journal ACS Energy Letters earlier this year.

Gregory Constantine, CEO and Co-Founder of Air Company, commented: "Our goal as an organization has always been to expand into industries where our technology will have the largest impact and the most CO2 reduction. We have been quietly working on this innovation, and we're proud to debut this SAF technology and commercialization in partnership with some of the most impactful and innovative companies in the world. The aviation industry is a leading contributor to excess CO2 in our atmosphere, and with this announcement, we and our partners aim to create a direct pathway towards a seismic shift away from legacy fossil-fuel-based production in a cost-effective manner. We're excited about the future and anticipate seeing more partners commit to phasing out fossil fuel use and decarbonizing aviation altogether."

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