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Civil version of the latest Il-76MD-90A aircraft will be tested in 2015

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Civil version of the latest Il-76MD-90A aircraft will be tested in 2015 - Manufacturer publisher
Tatjana Obrazcova
Source: Ruaviation

Russian Ministry of Defense and Ilyushin Company will test the civil version of the latest Russian Il-76MD-90A military-transport aircraft, Ilyushin Company General Designer Nikolai Talikov told RIA Novosti at MAKS-2015 airshow.

“We have planned it and the Ministry of Defense agreed to test Il-76MD-90A aircraft,” the General Designer said. The tests will be carried out this year.

Il-76MD-90A is the heavy transport aircraft derived from Il-76MD jet. It is designed for transporting troopers, large vehicles and cargo, as well as airlift delivery and paradrop of troppers, vehicles and cargo. Il-76MD-90A may also take part in medevac and fire-fighting operations. Maximum payload of the jet is 52 tons. Maximum takeoff weight is 210 tons.

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Russian Federation, Zhukosky, Flight Research Institute Zhukovsky, Moscow Region.

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