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Russian Helicopters to display three newest drones at HeliRussia-2016 show

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Russian Helicopters to display three newest drones at HeliRussia-2016 show - Manufacturer publisher
Krista Kuznecova
Country: Russian Federation Aircraft: Drones
Source: TASS

The holding company Helicopters of Russia (affiliated with the state-run corporation Rostec) will put on display its newest remote-controlled helicopter and multicopter, as well as an upgraded convertiplane, the holding company’s press-service has told TASS.

"Visitors will be able to see a remote-controlled helicopter, a multicopter and an upgraded convertiplane. All were designed by the VR-Technologies bureau, affiliated with Helicopters of Russia," the press-service said.

The unmanned helicopter and multicopter have already undergone a series of flight tests. Both models are totally autonomous and capable of performing tasks under a certain algorithm without the operator’s involvement.

"The electric motor-powered octocopter is capable of staying in the air for about an hour and carrying a three-kilogram payload. Its maximum speed will not exceed 60 kilometers per hour," Helicopters of Russia said.

The drone helicopter, according to the press service, is powered with an electric motor, too, and can rise to altitudes of up to two kilometers with a five-kilogram payload. Its maximum speed is 120 kilometers per hour.

"The helicopter’s design allows for using a hybrid power plant for enhancing flight duration and range," Helicopters of Russia said.

As far as the upgraded convertiplane is concerned, in contrast with the model displayed at the MAKS-2015 air show the latest version has an altered airframe and a lift airfoil.

"The convertiplane has a mass of 35 kilograms. Its maximum altitude is two kilometers and payload, six kilograms. In the automatic mode the drone can fly 450 kilometers. Its hybrid power plant accelerates it to 140 kilometers per hour," Helicopters of Russia said.

All drones are meant for monitoring the environment and ecological situation and aerial photography, as well as for delivering small cargoes, for instance, medical supplies, to remote regions.

Oil and gas companies, as well as various Russian government agencies have taken interest in the promising air technologies, Helicopter of Russia said.

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