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Geneva Airpark first-rate solutions for summer period

First-rate solutions for business aviation at Geneva airport with daily packages for sheltering your aircraft during the summer period. Make the most of our made-to-measure options, from very short terms to full days, and more if required: 0 to 3hrs, 8 to 24h, and more if required. Keep in mind that our technical services are also personalize by our in-house experts.For more details: https://www.geneva-airpark.ch

Record growth for Geneva Airpark in 2023

With figures up by more than 4.5%, 10% and even 56% for certain activities compared with 2022, Geneva Airpark will be recording strong growth for 2023.Turnover 2023 vs 2022 Global 2023: + 16%Total services: + 21.25%Daily accommodation packages: + 56%, the third best year after 2017 and 2018Hangar occupancy in 2023 Sheltering sales: + 15.63%Total average annual surface area: + 6.71% (ie 7,466m²) compared with 2022 (6,996m²) Aircraft traffic in 202...

Let’s fly towards 2024

Geneva Airpark wishes you a very Happy year 2024! Every day of this new year Geneva Airpark team will once again be ready to take perfect care of you and your plane. Sincerely yours,Five star residence for your jet 

We offer a fully-secured environment for your business jet.

When it is sheltered in our hangar at Geneva Airport, your business aircraft is protected by a round-the clock security system with the highest standards of monitoring technologies.Dual CCTV system17 HD cameras with infrared detector day and nightAll alarmed emergency exits are linked to Geneva Airport police department Equipped with the most efficient procedures and the latest surveillance equipment, the entire Geneva Airpark infrastructure, including the aircraft hangar and the...

Optimised services and substantial energy savings

In 2023, Geneva Airpark continued to invest in energy transition with the complete renovation of the lighting in its 10,000 m² hangar, which is now 100% LED. Geneva Airpark is thus responding to Geneva Airport's efforts to reduce the ecological footprint of its activities and to meet the requirements of the Swiss OSTRAL plan for optimising electricity consumption.Geneva Airpark’s latest major investment is the renovation of its hangar lighting system, which was completed in July 2023. Covering a...

eGPUs: fewer time constraints and less pollution

Since 2022, based on their performances relating to ground movements and optimized stopovers, as well as their environmental efficiency, we have been offering to our clients a new innovative service.Geneva Airpark has acquired ITWGSE 7400 Zero Emission eGPUs with the following benefits for our clients:  No more constraints imposed by the airport on the use of APUs (10' after arrival and 30' before departure, Ref AIRAC AMDT 2031)A reduction in costsThese new-generation, high-performance...

Our mission: your peace of mind

What can really stand up to hail or a heatwave? Certainly not your aircraft’s instrumentation and equipment! One of our hangar success storyZero defects on the PPI report for a Falcon 2000S recently sold! And it has been sheltered year-round in the Geneva Airpark hangar for the past 8 years.Our Daily parking options can be adapted to suit your busy scheduleDuring the summer and all year-round, sheltering your aircraft in Geneva Airpark’s hangar guarantees the condition of your business jet and t...

2023 is already breaking records

Turnover, movements, hangar space and new services: the figures are all up for Geneva Airpark’s activities in 2022, and it’s looking particularly good for 2023.First record broken in 2023 In January and February we hosted 70 different aircraft, ie almost 60% of our target for all of 2023. Compared to the 98 business jets which were sheltered during the whole of 2019 before the pandemic, these figures show the appeal of short-stay parking options and a dynamic recovery for business aviation at Ge...

Leading solutions for your executive aircraft at Geneva Airport

Welcome, parking, services: we offer premium options for efficient stopovers in Geneva, whatever the length of your stay in the Swiss city: - More organizational efficiency thanks to our dedicated in-house experts. When you use Geneva Airpark, you will be allocated a dedicated contact who will coordinate all stages of your stopover. Our in-house team of qualified specialists, certified PART-145 for line maintenance operations will take care of your aircraft in a high-performance i...

EBACE: More jet parking flexibility and a reinforced team

Book now to ensure your aircraft parking spot at Geneva Airport!From 25-28 May, EBACE will bring all the business aviation players to Geneva Airport and the Palexpo convention centre.How to make the most of your trip to EBACE 2022?- Book now to guarantee a secure parking for your business aircraft for very short stopovers, one day or more within the Geneva Airpark infrastructure- Take advantage of PART-145 line maintenance operations in our 10,000 sq m hangar - Disc...

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Founded in 2009, Geneva Airpark offers a premium parking service for all types of business aircraft at the Geneva international airport. Its 10,000 sq meters covered hangar occupies a privileged location, which is close to the business aviation terminal C3, its agents and maintenance centers. Planes can land and take off quickly and autonomously thanks to its tarmac and its private departure/arrival positions. Geneva Airpark is mainly a full range of 5* services thanks to high-quality custom service.