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Leading solutions for your executive aircraft at Geneva Airport

Date: 30 Oct 2022 13:08 (UTC)

Welcome, parking, services: we offer premium options for efficient stopovers in Geneva, whatever the length of your stay in the Swiss city: 

- More organizational efficiency thanks to our dedicated in-house experts. When you use Geneva Airpark, you will be allocated a dedicated contact who will coordinate all stages of your stopover. Our in-house team of qualified specialists, certified PART-145 for line maintenance operations will take care of your aircraft in a high-performance infrastructure.

- Aircraft protection for more operational efficiency. It’s vital that your aircraft is always 100% operational. By sheltering your plane in our secure and heated hangar, you avoid the setbacks, delays and costs of unforeseen damage on electronic components, paint, etc. and maintenance operations, due for example to bad weather conditions or Foreign Object Debris (FOB).

- More flexible scheduling for parking your business jet

Whether it’s for just for a few hours, a day or longer, and even if you book at the last minute, we always have a solution for welcoming and securing your aircraft. 

More info and booking options on our website: https://www.geneva-airpark.ch/

Follow our news on LinkedIn: https://ch.linkedin.com/company/geneva-airpark

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