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Why these 5 Flight Support Companies are missing prospects...

This post was originally published on our blog. Click here to view the full version. ________________________________________________________________________________You spend thousands of Euros/Dollars to a trendy (and hopefully) creative Digital Agency to design the optimal website. You think your job is done and now you can relax, and simply start promoting your new website to the operators who display their brand new aircraft on EBACE static display? Sorry... we all wish that this were t...

Soundscape, Music, Branding and FBOs

Is soundscape important for you? Does it impact your branding? How music in a lounge can change the customer experience? This week, we will release a quiz homemade by two world class sound designers. Bonus! All responders will receive a complementary album to download. Stay tuned and visit our hub!

Reloaded : The Best and the Worst of Video Holiday Wishes (Aviation Related)

We've published this post on our blog almost a year ago. Check out the engagement rate of each movie. Fortunately, the most creative ones gained a bigger reach (find below the best engagement rates). Let's get ready to for the up-coming season... and wait for the next series of Holiday Wishes Movies! Over the last decade video marketing has grown to be a huge contender in the content world. Video marketing fuses the brand of your message with the valuable advantage of visual stimu...

Aviation Marketers: Which Agency type is the best fit for you ?

Not so easy to choose a Marketing/Communication Agency when it's not your field. CEO are often focusing on production and profitability but Marketing is also a part of a virtuous cycle. No need to hide... Would you go to Global (and expensive) agencies or Boutique (and dedicated with knowledge of the business) agencies? To find out run this fun test. 50Skyshades is a reliable partner with great experience in our Aviation Industry Marketing tactics. 

3 Tips To Supercharge your Instagram Strategy Now!

While Qatar Airways is proudly celebrating its 500K followers, let's focus on more reasonable reach. Which Instagram Strategy Soared Highest this Summer? At Branding pass we focused on this case study: a comparison between AF and LX.Result: size do not matter and Swiss is over performing in terms of quality of content on Air France. Click on this link and enjoy the reading. Feel free to share and comment!

Behind the scenes of ATR revolutionary rebranding!

Congratulations to Carré Noir & Reza Bassiri for handling such challenge of ATR rebranding!Click here to view the whole project or below for the essence of the concept. 

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