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Road to MACE 2022 - my first flight with Air Malta

Date: 30 Oct 2022 13:00 (UTC)

The discovery of a new airline for me is the first flight with. Until now I haven't the opportunity to fly with Air Malta. This time it was the best solution to go to MACE 2022. Flight Paris CDG to Malta and back.

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You will agree if I say that the boarding is already an important point. I can't say if the procedure is determined by the airline or not. It was a bit of a shame that the boarding in Paris was not done by travel class and took much too long.

Comfortably installed on board an Airbus A320neo, I really appreciated the welcome of the crew, very friendly, very professional. The weather was perfect, the takeoff was TOP and all along the trip I had the opportunity to really enjoy the superb landscapes.

Despite the fact that the flight is quite short, a lunch was proposed and I took all my time to enjoy it, it was really delicious. Once again, congratulations to the flight crew, it's a pleasure to see their good mood and spirit of sharing.

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We were really lucky having great weather. I couldn't help myself and filmed the approach and landing. You can see it in all its beauty here

Warm welcome at Malta International Airport and three very busy days of the conference.

The early departure started with a very pleasant welcome in  La Valette Club lounge. The cozy and classy interior,  good service and ... the most important for me, the view on the tarmac and the possibility to share the daily life of the airport.

Once again, the boarding was done without respecting the class of travelers, the transfer by a bus.

The return flight was done with an A320. I must admit I prefer it to A320neo. Runways lights, the takeoff, Malta in all beauty between the night and the day which rises, it was quite magical.

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Despite years in aviation and number of flights , I am still very sensitive to take-off, landing and turbulence. A very special thanks to our pilot on the return flight, it was just exceptional. I didn't feel a single thing, the delicacy of his piloting was just exceptional.

The breakfast served was again very very good, a real pleasure. Perfect weather, the discovery of the landscape in the direction of return and the landing at the TOP in Paris Charles de Gaule. 

Thanks to the intervention of Mr. David Curmi, Executive Chaiman of Air Malta during MACE 2022, I am now aware of the challenges the airline is facing actually. I wish all the best to achieve targets despite all difficulties. I am more than pleasantly surprised by this discovery. I recommend this airline to everyone, look at the destinations offered and don't hesitate to choose them for your trip. It's a real pleasure!    

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