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The team, its hard work and results – I am grateful and proud of the way we do it every day.

Date: 15 Jan 2019 12:58

When you think about creating, launching, a new start, you are anticipating the beginning which in a few words resumes in “business is a battle, be ready”. Most probably no one is expecting you will come, no one is welcoming you as newcomer, still you just do what you think is right, what you think is logical, what you’ve dreamed about and what you work for.

You have to keep working and to keep going even when you are less optimistic, just because it’s your project and your responsibility. You have to invent once again the wheel if needed, you have to smile even when you’re about to shoot the door…

If you are stubborn enough you might have a chance to get a great team, a same way thinkers, a same way warriors, ready to share with you the way where everything can happen.

So… I am happy and grateful to have such a dream team! Today I am sharing some of results of that team I am so very proud of….

Every company, every business is using some tools, marketing, advertising and so many more.. 

 50skyshades started from nothing and today I can give our partners just 440.000,- unique target audience views of the banner per month on our platform and mobile Apps…

It’s so simple to ask me directly how you can use this tool… Normally I am a very nice business partner:)

I am so very proud of the work we’ve done, of the team I have and I know it’s just the beginning!

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