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You always have a chose

Date: 12 Oct 2016 11:43

I am always happy to share positive experience about flying. pity that this time it is questions raising experience.

When you are a regular flyer you are used to have different issues and to be honest, the best ever is an airline being nice, fast and effective in solving them.

It is far from being the biggest, the richest airline or something else. It is being clients oriented. At least in my personal opinion.

So I was flying an airline quite often....several times a month...same destination. I saw the service getting a bit different, less cool, then a bit more... then I faced a huge error in their system less than 24 hours before the departure with small kid without being sure they will solve it. The so called support would not work if only I would not be so persistent. Next time I had first problems with connecting bus. But then I was just kicked out despite the reservation as the driver had compatriots to take to the bus. Huge European hub, domestic for the airline. I was immediatly at client service to see what is the reason of this situation, what they will offer as a solution. I am not even telling about the fact that there I found out that they are not even responsible for the bus, no matter that it has their brand name.... Best ever client service answer was - YOU CAN ALWAYS CHOOSE ANOTHER AIRLINE! and then I contacted customer support, even got official registration number for my letter..... It takes already 8 weeks I am waiting for anything like an answer from amazing customer relation department. What I can say....Bravo! You made me choose another airline to be treated with some respect!

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