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Air Convention Asia

Asia is the fastest economically growing continent in the world. With its huge potential and unbelievable capacities, it is surely ready to open new business horizons. New business opportunities for Asia have become one of the central discussion points for the upcoming conference AIR Convention 2020. To elaborate on this issue, the conference is going to raise three additional major topics: International Markets, Profitability & Efficiency and Tech & Innovation. Packed with a varie...


AIR Convention ASIA

AIR Convention ASIA  is set to become a world shaker in the field of aviation. Inviting leading airlines, experts, high level representatives and other key industry players from all over the world, this time event puts Asian market into the main spotlight. Commercial aviation forum in Asia aims to explore the most progressive solutions exerted to meet the growing travel demand in a sector and have a positive effect on the global aviation industry development. Asia is the fastest economic...