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Istanbul Air Show

The unique opportunity to reach the Eurasian aviation and airport markets.  Although nations in the Region – extending from the Balkans to the Turkish Republics of Central Asia – have their own peculiarities, the similarities in the long time accumulated and newly emerging needs in view of the aviation and airport industries, far more exceed those differences. Having entered the era of restructuring and investment earlier than most nations in the Region, Turkey sets a perf...


Iran Commercial Aviation & Spare Parts Maintenance Congress 2016

16 January 2016 saw the lifting of decades of sanctions against Iran's aviation sector. For years, Iran's aviation has been denied access to spare parts and maintenance practices, which have left hundreds of aircraft in dire need of replacements. The Iranian civil Aviation sector will be worth billions for overseas suppliers. ThePost-Sanctions Iran Commercial Aviation Spare Parts And Maintenance Congress 2016 will finally bring together overseas MROs, OEMs and Iranian Airlin...