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Malta Aviation Online Conference

Event date:
Status: Archived
3 years ago
Duration: 2 days Place: Malta, Lija, 57, Massimiliano Debono Street, Lija, LJA 1930 Malta. Organiser: MBAA
Malta Aviation Online Conference

The aviation industry has suffered one of the most severe blows that it has ever experienced.  Over the past few months, the unthinkable happened and in the space of a few weeks the aviation system as we know it collapsed.  How resilient is this industry and what does it take to make it sustainable?

Whenever we mention sustainability the immediate frame of reference becomes climate change and all things Green.  At the 2nd Edition of the Malta Aviation Conference and Expo (MACE) we have decided to give sustainability a wider definition.  We believe that there has never been a better time to discuss the topic of a sustainable aviation industry not just from the point of view of its green credentials but from the perspective of having an airline industry which is able to operate at the level required by its stakeholders for the length of time and the required level without compromising its ability to meet the needs of the future.

MACE 2020 is providing a platform to discuss this important aspect of the industry during an unprecedented period but also with a keen view towards the future of the industry.  The conference is virtual but with live sessions, a virtual expo, dedicated meeting rooms for private or public meetings, roundtables, one to one chats and more.

Spread over 3 days, MACE 2020 is an international event which will be discussing the general topic of a Sustainable Aviation Industry through Sustainable Finance, Sustainable Operations and Sustainable Regulation.  You will have the opportunity to participate in live panel debates, meets industry suppliers and discuss themes with regulatory officials, industry professionals and subject matter experts.

The event will be live streamed and through your subscription you will join us through our events platform and gain access to all the aspects of the event.

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