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Air Zimbabwe Cabin Flooded by "Raw Effluent" As Liquid Leaked from Bathroom into Aisle

Passengers on board a recent Air Zimbabwe flight were left disgusted after a liquid seeped into the cabin from a lavatory. The airline has denied claims that human waste flowed down an aisle after a passenger's photos of the mess surfaced on social media. The person who snapped the images, which show a long streak of liquid and a flight attendant trying to sop it up with towels, tol...

Air Zimbabwe protected from creditors until 2018

Air Zimbabwe has been protected from creditors for the next three years by the Zimbabwean parliament. The heavily indebted carrier has had its assets protected by the Air Zimbabwe Corporation (Repeal) Act, which has been amended to include provisions State Liabilities Act.   The carrier has been given until July 3 2018 to settle its debts with creditors.   Its sole share...