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ASL welcomes new Cessna Citation Sovereign in the fleet

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ASL welcomes new Cessna Citation Sovereign in the fleet - Business aviation publisher
Tatjana Obrazcova
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On June 8, 2017, ASL took delivery of a Cessna C680 Citation Sovereign. 

The aircraft landed at its home base in Eindhoven in the Netherlands (EHEH), where the aircraft will be managed and operated on behalf of its owner. 

The aircraft will also be available for charter operation by mid-June. 

This is the first Cessna Citation Sovereign to join the ASL Air Operator Certificate (AOC) and fleet, but ASL's sister company JetNetherlands already operates two Cessna Citation Sovereign+, the latest variant of the worldwide renown Sovereign.

The company is very pleased to welcome this new aircraft in the fleet, thereby reinforcing its mid-size segment. 

Cessna C680 Citation Sovereign - Sovereign+

The Cessna Citation Sovereign (Cessna Model 680 Sovereign) is an American mid-size business jet developed by Cessna. It is currently the second largest member of the Citation product line in terms of take-off weight, with only the Citation X having roughly 6000 lbs greater take-off weight. The Sovereign is considered a transcontinental, while complying with ETOPS requirements, and is used primarily for corporate travel.

In the late 1990s, Cessna saw the need for a high-performance jet midway between the Excel/XLS size and the Citation X. The result was the Model 680 Citation Sovereign, powered by two Pratt & Whitney Canada PW306C turbofan engines with FADEC controls.

The Sovereign+ features updated engines, a new Garmin avionics suite, and redesigned supercritical wings that feature winglets for the first time in the family. Its claim to fame is that it can take off and land in short distances, thanks to a moderately swept high aspect ratio wing, and (when light) 92 knot Vref speed. 

Short field performance is where the Sovereign+ really shines, needing almost 800 ft less runway than its closest competitors to get airborne, which means that the aircraft can operate from smaller airports. Landing distance at Maximum Landing Weight is impressive as well, needing only 2,650 ft to come to a standstill.

Cessna have redesigned the seats in the Sovereign+, introducing recessed armrests to give more room in the isle, and a new ClairityTM Cabin Management System is introduced that integrates with smartphones and tablets,and  includes airborne Internet so that you can remain in contact mid flight.

Airplane specifications

 9 seats

 Max 850 kmh / 460 kt

 Max 5200 km / 2850 nm

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