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J&C Aero develops in-cabin bassinets and special curve-shaped windscreens

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J&C Aero develops in-cabin bassinets and special curve-shaped windscreens - Maintenance / Trainings publisher
Dana Ermolenko
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Traveling with new-borns may be challenging as it is, but it gets even more stressful when it comes to flights: many existing bassinet solutions are complicated and time-consuming for the attendants to install and come with additional inconvenience for parents during the flight. J&C Aero engineers and flight experience designers decided to address the issue and developed a new concept of cabin bassinets that are easy to install and provide more convenience for those flying with babies. To provide a larger space for the bassinet, the company’s engineers also developed a new, curve-shape windscreen solution.

Thanks to its foldable structure and easy-click attachment mechanism, the new bassinet requires substantially less time for the cabin crew to mount or dismount it in between flights, as well as requires less space for storage.

From the perspective of parents or other passengers traveling with small babies, the new bassinet provides more leg space for adults while being able to accommodate children of up to two years old (as opposed to many other bassinets that are primarily designed for up to one-year-old babies). In addition, J&C Aero bassinet is equipped with a carrycot hood that dims the cabin’s central light thus providing more comfort for the child. Furthermore, the bassinet can be safely switched between sitting and laying modes, and its bottom part is made of a half-transparent mesh that allows both adults and the child to see each other without the need for parents to stand up to check on the child.

To facilitate the usage of the bassinet, J&C Aero also developed curved windscreens that not only provide a solid surface for the bassinet’s installations but also allow large legroom for the parents. The windscreen is also curve-shaped by the side in order to ensure that cabin curtains don’t get in the way of the passengers.

“While being engineers, designers, or technicians, we are also passengers. And some of us had the experience of traveling with newly born babies, and we understand that sometimes it can be a bit stressful process. With this in mind, we decided to explore what can be done to make the flight more comfortable for parents, their small children, and the crew. Nowadays, new technologies and materials allow us to prioritize passenger experience the same way we prioritize safety and develop new solutions. That’s how we came up with a new bassinet. Moreover, we made the extra mile and also developed an upgraded version of cabin partitions – thanks to a new wavy shape, airlines can provide even more legroom for passengers sitting in the bulkhead row, regardless if they are traveling with babies or not,” shared Maksim Jurkov, Head of Design & Airworthiness at J&C Aero.

J&C Aero is an international aviation center for innovation in cabin transformation and CAMO. As an EASA-certified design, production, maintenance, and CAMO organization, J&C Aero provides extensive cabin interior and repair solutions for narrow and wide-body aircraft operators and owners.

The range of the company’s services covers cabin interior design and production, aircraft line and parts maintenance, engineering and continuing airworthiness management, aircraft teardown and spare parts supply, as well as special-purpose STC and VIP cabin solutions.

J&C Aero holds EASA Part 21J, Part 21G, Part 145, and CAMO approvals, supplemented by multiple STCs, authorizations, and other approvals.

More information: www.jcaero.com


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