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I'm Just Like You...But in a Private Jet

Date: 16 Oct 2015 16:27 (UTC)

This week, Australian on-demand streaming movie and tv series service Presto released the latest in a series of ads promoting their services using actress Naomi Watts (Mullholland Drive, King Kong) and a Gulfstream IV. In it the "Demand More" campaign, Watts is used to make fun of the more stereotypical sides of high maintenance actresses, and in this one, she insists that show business hasn't changed, her, declaring, "I'm just like you, but in a private jet!"

In this ad, Watts asks her male flight attendant, who is balancing a glass of champagne, to recline her chair, abruptly asking for him to stop. Funny stuff.

An earlier ad in the Demand More campaign has Watts deplaneing a Gulfstream IV, quickly surrounded by an entourage. Someone opens an umbrella as she makes her first step down the stairs, others are frantically unrolling the red carpet as makes her way down, all the while talking about how she isn't demanding - except for the on-demand services she expects.

Although the 47-year-old actress was born in Britain, she grew up in Sydney and is instantly recognizable to the Australian audience. Demand More is a campaign urging Australians to want more of their on-demand video services. 

"Celebrities are often accused of having high demands," Watts says in a Presto press release. "It was fun to play this arch character in a tongue and cheek way."

Watts' Australian celebrity continues to climb: she graced the October, 2015 cover of Australian Vogue, wearing a Burberry Prorsum dress from the 2015-16 winter collection

The ads were filmed in New York by director Jeff Lowe, with the help of Watts' brother, Ben Watts who was the photographer.


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