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Emin, Billionaires and How The Other Half Lives

If you want to track down the mega rich, London, England is the place to be. London is now the city with more BILLIONAIRES than any other city in the entire world. According to Channel 5, the UK television program that's taking a look in "How the Other Half Lives", over 100,000 billionaires have moved to the UK in the past decade alone.In the programme, which aired its first episode this week, presenters Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford take a look at a couple of different billionaire group...

12 Time Zones Later

This week, a couple of crazy things happened to 39-year-old British professional golfer and famed Arsenal Football Club supporter, Ian Poulter. Poulter, known for his flashy style of dress and contributions to European Ryder Cup teams, ended up being nudged out of the top 50 players in the World Golf Ranking earlier this week. By missing that 50th place by .1%, it meant that he would have difficulty making it into the next four European Tour events, and if he's not able to play in at least 13, h...

I'm Just Like You...But in a Private Jet

This week, Australian on-demand streaming movie and tv series service Presto released the latest in a series of ads promoting their services using actress Naomi Watts (Mullholland Drive, King Kong) and a Gulfstream IV. In it the "Demand More" campaign, Watts is used to make fun of the more stereotypical sides of high maintenance actresses, and in this one, she insists that show business hasn't changed, her, declaring, "I'm just like you, but in a private jet!"In this ad, Watts asks her male flig...

Once in a Red Moon and Other Reasons Why Luxury Renting Makes Sense

You've bought it, you've got it.It doesn't matter what it is, from real estate to bling bling, the truth is that once you plunk down the cash for a luxury item, it belongs to you.Many people just don't want to do that anymore. There are loads of reasons why, from private jets to runway dresses, people are preferring to rent instead of buy. Here are just some of them:1. Styles change so quickly - designers are counting on that, after all, why else do the big designers have twice-yearly shows at t...

Future Trends for Flying Private

This week, Business Jet Traveler unveiled a survey of business jet travellers, to try and determine the future trends of flying private. And that future looks bright.The 1,000 respondents gave answers that are quite enlightening for the business jet industry and I thought we should look at some of them in detail.Why Fly Private?Good question! BJT asked the respondents to give three reasons why they fly private, and most selected "Save Time" as their #1 reason. Coming in second was "Ability to us...

Another Reason to Fly to Nice

The private jets are always lining up to go from Moscow to the Nice Côte d'Azur Airport, but this weekend, there's an additional reason for the most popular private jet route in the world to get some additional traffic: the Monaco Yacht Show.The tiny principality of Monaco that's 30 minutes from the Nice Airport, is a playground for the rich with casinos, exclusive stores and, of course, the Monte Carlo Grand Prix. This is the 25th edition of the MYS, and this year, there are aro...

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