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Once in a Red Moon and Other Reasons Why Luxury Renting Makes Sense

Date: 09 Oct 2015 15:31 (UTC)

You've bought it, you've got it.

It doesn't matter what it is, from real estate to bling bling, the truth is that once you plunk down the cash for a luxury item, it belongs to you.

Many people just don't want to do that anymore. There are loads of reasons why, from private jets to runway dresses, people are preferring to rent instead of buy. Here are just some of them:

1. Styles change so quickly - designers are counting on that, after all, why else do the big designers have twice-yearly shows at the fashion capitals around the world? Renting a designer dress or even shoes isn't just an economical solution, it's a practical one too, guaranteeing you won't be seen in the same outfit twice. There are many online options for finding and renting exactly what you want, for the size you need and the period of time you will need it for - in a variety of countries. You may not find Nick Cannon's $2 million diamond-encrusted shoes, but you might be able to find the Tom Ford shoes they were made on.

2. You need it now and just can't wait till your's is ready - with luxury comes craftsmanship and for many high-end luxury items, you can't walk into a shop and walk out with it as it needs to be ordered and custom-made for you. So for that Bugatti or Birkin bag, renting is an option that makes sense.

3. You can't afford to own it yourself but you'd really like to have it once - if it's associated with luxury, chances are it's expensive. Renting can help you fulfil your dreams, and put a checkmark next to an item on your bucket list.

4. It's something you need every once in a Blue Red Moon - the Red Moon that graced our skies at the end of September was unusual, an eclipse that will happen next in 2032. So if you need something only once in a red moon, renting is the perfect option. That goes for anything from yachts to what we specialize in sourcing for our customers, business jets

The South China Morning Post has a good article about the luxury rental trend. Read more about it here.

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