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Aviation security management. Continuation

Date: 04 Aug 2022 14:37 (UTC)

Based on my experience, this is a common practice for the aviation security service of the airline and for aviation security in general. It turns out that aviation security measures, i.e. the protection of the airline is provided only within the boundaries of the base airport and the state of registration. The airline's management can only manage the processes that take place within this territory. If we turn to the history of acts of unlawful interference and conduct a simple analysis, we can trace that acts of unlawful interference in the activities of the airline took place outside the base airports. Those. standards and recommended practices work, but only within the boundaries of the home airports and states of registration?

This is not true. From my point of view, the solution to the problem lies solely in the ability to manage AB. It is in the ability to apply the developed standards throughout the airline's route network that the integration of standards into the airline's business processes (in ICAO this is called safety culture) will make the measures applied as effective as possible.

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