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Aviation security management. Continuation

Based on my experience, this is a common practice for the aviation security service of the airline and for aviation security in general. It turns out that aviation security measures, i.e. the protection of the airline is provided only within the boundaries of the base airport and the state of registration. The airline's management can only manage the processes that take place within this territory. If we turn to the history of acts of unlawful interference and conduct a simple analysis, we can t...

Aviation security management. Department of aviation secuirty/

So, a cargo airline. Scheduled regular flights, a route network that includes several countries and continents, a base airport. The ICAO Security Manual describes in detail the process of organizing and ensuring aviation security. Those who have seen it are almost a thousand pages of standards and recommended practices. The guide is constantly updated and supplemented. The main problem in applying this guide, in my opinion, is that it is used by one person and one department. This is the head of...

Aviation security management. Introduktion.

Aviation security - what comes to mind when you hear this phrase? Airport security, numerous security checkpoints and a barbed wire fence. Security alarm systems and video surveillance cameras. Passenger, baggage, mail and cargo screening points. Screening of personnel and crew members. I received such an answer from colleagues when meeting and maintaining a conversation. In general, they are right in their definition of aviation security. I would add a few more points to this generalized defini...

Rosaviatsia denies airlines permission to operate flights to Egyptian resorts

Rosaviatsia rejected all airline applications for flights from the cities of Russia to Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh, 10 carriers applied for admissions, it follows from the order of the department. According to the document, Russia, Ural Airlines, Nordwind Airlines, Azur Air, Yakutia, S7, iFly, IrAero, “ Azimuth ”and NordStar. More than 230 applications were submitted in total. According to a source in the air circles, the rejection of applications for flights to Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh i...

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