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JetExpo see you next year! That was really great!

Date: 14 Sep 2015 10:46

Back from Moscow, back from JetExpo 2015. First event for our editorial team, a lot of information, emotions and huge amount of positive!

That was really great! As usual you might plan how it will go according to the schedule and then you see so many colleagues and friends that you have to triple your meeting amount, see and talk and decide on the run, flying, making photos and interviews at the same time.

These are business aviation peoples! Working almost 24/7, always ready to give an answer and make arrangement on behalf of the client. Positive, efficient, professional and...cool!

As expected, some exclusive interviews, a lot of very useful information for everyone working in the field, to make plans for 2016, improve performance and increase profit and efficiency.

So, colleagues, let's get back to every day work and become better!

A very special THANKS to best ever journalist writing in Russian about business aviation, the owner of BizavNews Dmitry Petrocenko and real fresh vision PR magician Olga Lenina! That's an honour to work with you guys!

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