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Latvian aviation industry recovery – point of view with Minister of Transport Mr. Linkaits

There is a life in aviation post covid19, there are countries with aviation industry recovery story more than interesting, as an example in order to see how it is possible to manage to crisis, the pre...

Two Top Swiss entrepreneurs on Pilatus Board of Directors

Yesterday extraordinary General Meeting saw shareholders elect two new well-known members to the Board of Directors – Hansueli Loosli and Lukas Gähwiler. Both have an outstanding track...

Jason Huang Joins ICON Aircraft as President

ICON Aircraft, maker of the revolutionary ICON A5 Light Sport Aircraft, has named Jason Huang as President. In that role, Huang will oversee all business functions, with a particular focus on maintain...

Government investment in airBaltic will return multiple times for Latvia - Martin Gauss

On May 11, the CEO of airBaltic Martin Gauss presented and shared the experience on how airBaltic is dealing with the COVID-19 crisis, how the new business strategy looks and what the f...

Mr. Tālis Linkaits, Minister of Transport of the Republic of Latvia on restart of national aviation industry

If we say Latvia, what will be you first association? If you are aviation professional or related to aviation industry, we bet the first thing you will say - airBaltic, Riga. 50skyshades was closely m...

First Officer Tessa Naran - Faces of Norwegian

Name: Tessa Naran Position: First Officer, London Gatwick, LGW  How long have you been flying for Norwegian? I joined Norwegian in November 2018. Can you give us a brie...

Oddballs are leading entrepreneurs

Many executives and managers are like chicken picking around for worms in a chicken coop. However, fat worms are found by the early birds. And those early birds don’t pick around in a corral wit...