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Aviation Pulse on TOP on Google Play ranking

Monday morning, sometimes it is the time to search for some motivation, especially after an amazing sunny weekend to work hard in an office:)When you get great news in the very morning - your day, your week is just made a great one!That was the case for me this Monday- I found out amazing results of our #AviationPulse App: I know it is only beginning of our route to make, however, it is a pleasure to see first results. It' a motivation, a moment to think about what to add, what to improve.T...


Here is a photo book on the first two A380 of ALL NIPPON AIRWAYS, respectively named LANI for blue and KAI for green.the first part is the delivery ceremony in TOULOUSE (LANI).The second part is the exit of painting workshops in HAMBURG AIRBUS (KAI).ISBN 9789463869959http://www.imprimermonlivre.com/books/200009

Flying Echo Photo Magazine (e.book) Special EBACE 2019

Get your EBACE 2019 ebook, to be sure you have all details of the latest edition! Just follow the link: https://www.blurb.fr/ebooks/697214-ebace-2019Coming soon do not miss a wonderful bound edition:


Do not miss this edition, a beautiful hardcover book, 188 PAGES on the first air show of SAUDI ARABIA in RIYADISBN 9789463869775http://www.imprimermonlivre.com/books/197676

3rd Civil Aircraft Operation Support Technology International Forum

会议背景:据统计,亚太航空公司在航材库存中的投入超出欧美航空公司的4至5倍,究其原因,主要归结于相对较高的备件保障要求、更多的内饰翻修与改装、低效的海关通关、匮乏的航材共享机制、距原厂更远的地理位置、占比更高的大型客机等因素。其中原厂(OEM)在航材产业中是最大的受益者,未来OEM将通过不断渗透售后市场取得在航材领域更多的收益;而第三方服务商(MRO)以及航空公司正在寻求更多的出路,以避免自身的利益被不断压缩。 According to statistics, the investment of Asia-pacific airlines in aviation material inventory is 4...

3rd Civil Helicopter Industry International Forum

The 3rd Civil Helicopter Industry International Forum (CHIIF), hosted by Chinese Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics, will be held on June 26th – 27th, 2019, in Shanghai City, China. This topic of this forum will cover the whole industry chain of Civil Helicopter will be a stellar gathering which has attracted the industry opinion leaders from the Top 3 China Helicopter OEMs including China Helicopter Design and Research Institute, AVIC Harbin Aircraft Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. and AVIC Cha...


#50SkyShadesOfAlsace Your tailored way to discover an outstanding region There are so many amazing discoveries waiting for you in Alsace! We are offering personalized full package trip to let you enjoy the trip at the maximum possible point.We will take care of all trip organization, all arrangements based on your wishes: transfers, flights, hotel, entertainment and visits…Worldwide knows Luxury Cars, amazing SPA in the mountains, Haute Couture of Cristal, Wine Route of Alsace, Best En...

The new-on-the-market way to invite your clients and colleagues to events

Time to time, we all are looking for an unusual, a modern, a new-on-the-market way to invite your clients and colleagues to events.So, there is the latest one to do so – Aviation pulse App.The way to do is quite easy – first of all you download the App, as you need, Android or iOS here: https://aviation-pulse.firebaseapp.com/#download Then, add the event you need to your calendar and simply invite all clients, friends, colleagues you have in your contacts. For people you don’t hav...