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L'AIRBUS A350 est un avion tellement différent de par sa conception,des matériaux utilisés, et des innovations technologiques ,font de lui un AVION d'exception.Son succès en matière de vente le prouve. Les retours de satisfactions des clients utilisateurs de compagnies exploitant l'A350 sont élogieux.Admirer une oeuvre d'art est un plaisir, pouvoir profiter physiquement d'une oeuvre d'art est unique, monter à bord de l'A350 vous procure se sentiment de posséder pendant quelques heures l'inaccess...


Le BREITLING SION AIR SHOW était de retour dans le ciel VALAISAN , c'est le plus grand meeting aérien de SUISSE. La dernière édition remonte à 6 ans, avec en plus de la patrouille SUISSE et les FRECCE TRICOLORI,la "BREITLING JET TEAM" :La plus grande patrouille professionnelle civile volant sur avions à réaction(L-39 Albatros). Le DC3 BREITLING clôtura à SION sont fabuleux tour du monde. La démonstration du RAFALE SOLO DISPLAY piloté par le talentueux pilote d'essais le Capitaine Martinez fut ép...

"Best Charter Broker” Awards of 2017

Ladies and Gentlemen!We are happy to announce “Best Charter Broker” Awards of 2017 on September 8.The hottest party of the year will be hosted at the men’s club ANGELS, honoring the best jet charter companies and business aviation experts! You will know who becomes:- THE BEST BROKER- THE BEST BROKER COMPANY- THE BEST MEDIA OF BUSINESS AVIATION- THE BEST OPERATING COMPANYnew!- DISCOVERY OF THE YEARnew!- FLIGHT ATTENDANT OF THE YEARnew!and winners of other nominations.Get ready for Cha...


Aero-Design Concept Store & Gallery, the first European concept-store for aviation, opens on 22 September 2017 in Weiswampach, Luxembourg. Imagined and designed by Agnes Patrice-Crepin, artist and Florence Ramioul, her associate co-founder of the decoration brand Aero-Design, it welcomes a dozen designers, besides the house realizations. Furniture, graphic arts, decoration, jewelery, ready-to-wear, all these objects are inspired by aeronautics or made from aircraft parts.Attention! Open...

World Aviation News in App Store Top!

We are celebrating new achievement! 13 of July our iOS application - World Aviation News gets in Apple Store top apps in news category and gets huge count of downloads! We are very happy to be able to provide high quality aviation content for each of our readers!If you did not already download our app you can do it right now - https://itunes.apple.com/lv/app/world-aviation-news/id1113800358 Stay in touch and get always fresh and tasty aviation news and related content.

Flying with kids

I am travelling a lot... I thought I am aware more or less of rules and regulations, even habits in commercial aviation and airports... Last boarding flying with family, friends and our little daugther made me sad, I would say sad and furious.Early morning flight. You are doing your maximum to facilitate the job of airport services. You did the online check-in. Security check goes with maximum respect and was perfectly correct.Then I helped our friends to buy some local specialties in duty free....

EBACE 2016

BOOK EBACE 2016 GENEVAhttps://flyingechowebmag.jimdo.com/books-livres/